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Memory, like your body, needs exercise.
Memory, like your body, needs exercise. / Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Can’t find your car keys? Memory problems start at age 27, says neurologist and memory expert Majid Fotuhi.

“People claim they don’t have a good memory,” he says. That’s not true: The mind, like the body, needs exercise to stay in shape. Here are expert tips to strengthen your memory:

Exercise. It keeps your brain strong. The hippocampus, the part of the brain that deals with memory, can grow or shrink depending on your health.

Reduce stress. Stress can actually kill precious brain cells. Again, exercise, and get enough sleep to help your brain, and memory, stay stronger.

Visualize. Picture what you’re trying to recall. “Take a moment to remember where you are,” says Nelson Dellis, 2011’s USA memory champion. When parking your car, take in the surroundings, particularly stationary objects. Trees and buildings won’t move — unlike the car next to you.

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