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Birthday Buzz

October 18: Zac Efron, 22
October 19: Evander Holyfield, 47; John Lithgow, 64
October 20: John Krasinski, 30; Snoop Dogg, 38,
October 21: Ken Watanabe, 50; Carrie Fisher, 53
October 22: Jeff Goldblum, 57
October 23: Ryan Reynolds, 33
October 24: Kevin Kline, 62


Please tell us when a new "Deal or No Deal" will begin on NBC with Howie Mandel.

Patsy Jeter, Kingsport, Tenn.

"Deal" is now a syndicated show, so you'll have to check local TV listings to find out when and where it airs in your area. Mandel, 54, who continues as host, also has a new book, "Here's the Deal: Don't Touch Me." He always has been open about his germ phobia, OCD tendencies and adult ADHD. In the book, we're promised, we'll learn more. But do we really wanna know?

I hear there will be another Jason Bourne movie, but will Matt Damon star? It won't be the same if he doesn't.

Mickey Davenport, Vallejo, Calif.

Don't worry, Mickey. Matt is expected back in the fourth movie, although when it will be shot and released is another story. At press time, there was no start date. While you're waiting, you can watch the talented Damon, 39, get plenty of Bourne-like action in "Green Zone," coming to theaters in March.

How is Patsy Swayze, mother of Patrick Swayze, doing since her son's death from pancreatic cancer in September?

Art Bleimeyer, Houston

We're told that Patsy is taking life one day at a time. She was Houston's premiere dance teacher when her children were growing up; she taught Patrick and his siblings how to dance. And it was in her dance studio that the "Dirty Dancing" star met his wife of 34 years, actress Lisa Niemi.

Is Amanda Righetti, who plays a special agent on CBS' "The Mentalist," related to Dave Righetti, the San Francisco Giants' pitching coach?

Linda Caraway, Midland, Texas

No. But Righetti, 26, previously seen on TV in such series as "The O.C." and "North Shore," has plenty of relatives. She's the youngest of eight: She has six sisters and a brother.

Who's hot in Hollywood

Mary Steenburgen, 56, now in "Did You Hear About the Morgans?," says her recent box-office success (think summer's "The Proposal") may come from her mature outlook. "I thought about [my age] a lot more when I was younger. Now I think about what would be fun for me," Steenburgen tells us. Besides: "I like how I look and how I'm aging." ... "Nigella Christmas," Nigella Lawson's latest cookbook, would be a godsend gift for regular cooks like me. "I want [readers] to feel they have permission not to be perfection personified in the kitchen," Lawson, 49, tells me. Key to keeping Christmas guests well-fed is "enthusiasm," but even she admits "the shopping and chopping can seem overwhelming!"

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December 20: Chris Robinson, 43
December 21: Kiefer Sutherland, 43; Ray Romano, 52
December 22: Diane Sawyer, 64
December 23: Susan Lucci, 63
December 24: Ryan Seacrest, 35
December 25: Jimmy Buffett, 63
December 26: Jared Leto, 38

Contributing: Gayle Jo Carter, Jon Tollestrup

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