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Now that 2010 is half over, review your 401(k) plan and be sure you're still investing wisely. “It makes sense to do a periodic checkup,” says Catherine Golladay, Charles Schwab vice president of 401(k) participant education and advice. Worth considering:

Rebalance if necessary. Is the stocks/bonds split still the way you want it? If it's at least 10 points off (say you wanted to be 50/50 in stocks and bonds but it's now 60/40), move money around to get back on track.

Max your match. Your company's match “is as close to free money as you'll find,” says J.D. Roth, author of the blog Get Rich Slowly. Some plans have increased their matches lately because of the strengthening economy.

Put your raise to work. Pour some of your increase into your 401(k). “You'll never miss the money, since you didn't have it before,” says Rick Meigs, president of

Watch your lineup. Your employer may have merged or replaced one of your 401(k) funds. “You might be put into a money-market fund or a new fund,” says Kristine McKinley of Beacon Financial Advisors in Lee's Summit, Mo. “So be sure you're in the fund you want.”

Review beneficiaries. If you remarried, divorced or had a child since January, double-check that your beneficiaries are up to date.

— Richard Eisenberg

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