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Middle Men clip
Middle Men clip: Clip from the movie Middle Men, featuring Luke Wilson and Kelsey Grammer.
Luke Wilson / Rico Torres
Money, porn and greed thicken the plot of Middle Men, with Terry Crews and Wilson. / Middle Men

9 other bands of busy Hollywood brothers

The Bridgeses
Beau, 68, landed an Emmy nomination for his guest turn on TVís The Closer. Oscar- winning Jeff, 60, headlines Decemberís epic Disney sequel, TRON: Legacy.

The Baldwins
30 Rockís Alec, 52, is up for a third Emmy. William, 47, had a stint on Gossip Girl; Daniel, 50, was on Cold Case. Stephen, 44, stays busy in small films.

The Wahlbergs
Mark, 39, underwear model turned leading man, stars with Will Ferrell in the comedy The Other Guys, in theaters Friday. Donnie, 40, went from boy band New Kids on the Block to actor in The Sixth Sense and Band of Brothers.

The Culkins
Macaulay, 29, was the child star of the Home Alone movies. His younger siblings have their biggest roles coming up: Kieran, 27, in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Aug. 13 and Rory, 21, in Scream 4.

The Afflecks
Actors Ben, 37, and Casey, 34, are behind the camera lately. Casey directed a documentary on Joaquin Phoenix; Ben co-wrote, directs and stars in the fall drama The Town.

The sons of Michael Sheen have done OK over the years in Hollywood. Charlie Sheen, 44, is a regular on the top-rated CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men with Jon Cryer, and Emilio Estevez (who kept his dadís original last name), 48, wrote, directed and stars alongside his father in the upcoming action-adventure The Way.

The Wayans
Keenen Ivory, 52, is the elder statesmen of these four talented brothers whoíve often worked together over the years, and the creator of In Living Color is next writing and directing the comedy It Takes a Village about third-world adoption. Damon, 49, recently appeared in the sitcom My Wife and Kids. Shawn, 39, wrote and had a role in Dance Flick, and Marlon, 38, starred last summer in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and is slated to play Richard Pryor in an upcoming movie about the late comedianís life. In addition, Keenen Ivory, Shawn and Marlon are executive producing an animated TV comedy in development at TBS.

Peter Graves (birthname: Peter Aurness), who died in March at the age of 83, was famous for his roles in Mission: Impossible and Airplane! His older brother James Arness, 87, loomed large on the small screen in stature ó heís 6-foot-6 ó and in his role as U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon on the long-running show Gunsmoke.

The Coens
The Oscar-winning duo of Joel, 55, and Ethan, 52, are responsible for such classics as Raising Arizona, Fargo, The Big Lebowski, No Country for Old Men and O Brother, Where Art Thou? Their latest movie, a remake of the Western True Grit, comes out Christmas Day and stars Matt Damon, Jeff Bridges and Josh Brolin.


For actor Luke Wilson, it has been a man's world. His best friends are his two brothers, including fellow star Owen; he shared bachelor digs with guys before striking out on his own; he even went to an all-boys grade school; and his latest movie is called, fittingly, Middle Men.

It's a comedy/drama opening Friday in which he plays an Internet entrepreneur who gets involved in the shady business of online adult entertainment.

Now Wilson, 38, says he's ready to graduate from the all-guys club and into marriage and babies. “I'm working on that one,” he says, adding with a characteristic dry laugh: “Start a family, start tucking my shirt in and wear a belt, putting the right button in the right hole.”

Wilson's slow Texas twang reveals a lot of the boy who grew up in Dallas. His bond with older brothers Andrew, 45, a father of two and an actor, and Owen, 41, as well as with his parents, brings out the family-man-in-training side of Luke.

“Some people's families seem much more like free agents. But I feel very tied into my family. I know of people who don't see their parents except at Christmas. We're lucky enough to be able to see them all the time and go back to Texas or have them come out here.”

“Here” is Los Angeles, where Wilson and his brothers live. The three had their breakthrough with the 1996 indie crime comedy Bottle Rocket, which sent Luke and Owen into major film careers. But wherever career paths take them, the brothers remain close. “Someone was just asking, ‘Who are your best friends?' And I was like, “Well, there's Andrew, and Owen, and then I had to pause as I tried to figure out who else my friends were.”

Because he has been around guys so long, Wilson says, he would like to have sons one day. But he quickly adds, “I think I'd be happy with whatever I had, just as long as they were healthy.”

Starting a family has occurred to him before, but work always seemed to get in the way. “I'm always thinking about this job or that job or when I have a movie coming out. Before you know it, a decade's gone by. And then I start to think, ‘Well, hell, Anthony Quinn had kids when he was 80. I shouldn't be in a hurry.' But I don't want to have to pay a neighborhood kid to throw the football with my kid.”

He's going to have to start from scratch, though. “I've got to find the girl, No. 1. And then I've got to somehow make her believe in me — that's going to take a couple of years,” he says, laughing. “I've got to BS her into thinking I've got my [stuff] together.”

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