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Surprise! You'll relate to how this supermodel mom eats, shops and diets.
Surprise! You'll relate to how this supermodel mom eats, shops and diets. / Jennifer S. Altman, Contour by Getty Images

As a supermodel, mother of four, wife to singer Seal and Project Runway host, judge and executive producer (Thursdays, 9 p.m. ET, Lifetime), Heidi Klum has little time to waste. She knows what she likes and what she doesn't. So when USA WEEKEND caught up with the German-born star, 37, we asked her to share some of her personal “bests.” Here's what she told us about her favorite:


Clothing chain: The BabyGap, where “you can get great stuff for the buck.”

Fast food: When she indulges, it's a McDonald's Big Mac, large fries and a Coke.

Thing about being a mom: For Klum, “every joy and surprise is a favorite.”

Get-thin-quick trick: Klum cuts back on carbohydrates and adds exercise to the mix. “I've started running a few miles every day. My husband and I have a computerized pedometer competition going, and I'm very competitive.”

Guilty pleasure: Black salty licorice and imported Milka chocolate bars with hazelnuts.

Date night: It's the romance basics for Klum and Seal — “Italian food, red wine and plenty of alone time back at home.”

Hot politician: First lady Michelle Obama, because she's “confident in her style and fashion-forward.”

Favorite song of your husband's: Silence. It's one we're going to have to wait for because it's on his upcoming album, September's Commitment.

Favorite reality show host (other than herself): Klum had a chance to hang with four of her competitors when they hosted the Emmy Awards in 2008. Dancing With the Stars' Tom Bergeron “dropped me on my butt when we did a skit together.” But “he was super nice and apologetic about it after.”


Fashion faux pas she has committed: Klum has no fashion regrets. "I actually think it's fine to have an occasional faux pas," she says. "It's better to take risks rather than always going safe."

Fashion trend: She nixes anything "too sweet."

Thing about being a mom: Having to watch "the same kids' movies again and again and again."

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