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The rest of the world knows something about goats' milk. Across the globe, it's the drink of choice more often than the milk of any other animal. Part of its allure is that it's easier to digest than cows' milk because of its smaller fat globules, which makes it an option for many people who are allergic to cows' milk.

In the USA, goats' milk seems to be gaining popularity, not just because it's gentler on the stomach but also for its flavor and texture. “It's the only natural source of animal fat and protein that is easy to digest yet rich and creamy enough to be used for ice cream,” says Laura Howard-Gayeton, founder of Laloo's Goat Milk Ice Cream Co. in Petaluma, Calif.

And goats' milk is ideal for a variety of products: the snowy white French cheese known as chňvre, Mexican caramels called cajeta, goats' milk yogurt, and even goats' milk soap.

These products can be found at grocery stores around the country. The brand Meyenberg offers goats' milk in the carton and goats' milk cream cheese, and its products are available in stores such as Target and Whole Foods.

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