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Chris Colfer and Dianna Argon are two of the hit show's breakout starts.
Chris Colfer and Dianna Argon are two of the hit show's breakout starts. / Patrick Ecclesine, Fox
Dianna Agron also made appearance in Numb3rs in 2008 and CSI: NY in 2006. / Jason Laveris, Filmmagic

4 things you should know about Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron, 24, sang her way to stardom as Quinn Fabray, aka the pregnant cheerleader. This weekend, she's falling in love with an alien, her rumored real-life squeeze, Alex Pettyfer, in a sci-fi movie, I Am Number Four. We recently chatted with her on a rare day off.

1. Her dream guest star is Christopher Walken. "I could see him doing something fabulous with Jane Lynch."

2. She's brave. Falling off a five-story building in I Am Number Four? No problem. "I got such an adrenaline rush. It shows you how much fun it can be to defy gravity."

3. She thinks "octopi are awesome." "To have one as a pet, you have to prep a tank for six months, and I haven't been in one place long enough to do that. But maybe someday."

4. The girl can cook. "It's therapeutic. My uncle is Colombian and a chef. I make sweet potato and black bean enchiladas that people really like."

--Lisa M. Gerry


It has been almost 20 years since we've seen a gay teenage character on TV — think Wilson Cruz as runaway Ricky in My So-Called Life. But there has never been anyone quite like Glee's Kurt Hummel in prime time.

As played by Chris Colfer, 20, this snippy but sensitive fashionista has gone from snappy supporting player to Globe-winning center stage. Now it looks as if Kurt is finally even finding love. Colfer's lips are sealed, but he does talk about how he differs from Kurt, some unexpected Gleeks and the one diva he's dying to have on the show.

Winning the gold. "I was so shocked. I've had that dream so many times. I haven't missed watching [the Golden Globes] since I was 8. I don't even remember hearing my name or giving the acceptance speech."

Some unexpected Gleeks. "Jesse James, big macho guys like that. They're always like, 'Hey, can you sign this? It's for my daughter.' They're like, 'Can you make it out to Paul?' And you're like, 'Oh, yeah, your daughter, right!' "

Chris vs. Kurt. "Kurt's always in vogue and knows about fashion. I didn't know who Marc Jacobs was before I did the pilot. I'm more likely to read or watch the Discovery Channel. I'm a nerd; Kurt's much cooler than me."

A role model. "One of the nicest things I've heard so far is how powerful it is to see a positive portrayal of a gay teenager on television. I get so many fan letters from people telling me their own coming-out stories. It's so funny: You always hear that as an actor you're not supposed to be open about your homosexuality. And now here I am, and I'm 20 years old and I'm myself and I've [won] a Golden Globe!"

Time for love. "I have no problem talking about my dating life because it is a short, short conversation [laughs]. I would love to be in a relationship, but I don't have any offers! Truly! Fans, yes. Dates, no. Fingers crossed. I'd love to meet a guy."

Glee's club. "We do everything together. I go to sushi with Lea [Michele], we all go to the movies, we've had sleepovers in one person's hotel room when we're on tour, but that's stopped because they all snore and I can't sleep. I mean these are pretty much the only friends I have!"

Jane Lynch's trash talk. "If you're having the worst day of your life, she will lift you up because she's so funny. And it's such a challenge to keep a straight face when she calls me a 'lady boy.' Jane is an inspiration."

Diva reunion? "I am organizing a battalion to recruit Julie Andrews to play my grandmother. Anne Hathaway has said that she would love to play my lesbian aunt. So I am hoping to get them to reunite, use that Princess Diaries connection."

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