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As we celebrate the Chinese Year of the Rabbit and with Easter coming up, some rabbit experts are concerned about impulse bunny buys this year. Their concerns may be warranted.

If you're tempted to get a rabbit, as with anytime you acquire a pet, do your research. You might think a bunny would be so cute for your little child, but despite that common belief, most bunnies don't like to be snuggled by children or held up in the air (your average rabbit has acrophobia). And too many children around all at once might be overwhelming for a bunny to deal with.

Spayed and neutered bunnies make far better pets, and spayed rabbits can't develop reproductive cancers, which are otherwise common.

Bugs Bunny was right: Rabbits like carrots — but that's solely a treat — as well as various lettuces and other greens. What rabbits require daily is grass hay.

This year, make sure your only impulse bunny purchase is a chocolate one. Learn more at

— Steve Dale

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