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"I've never loved so much."
"I've never loved so much." / Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Parenthood according to Taye Diggs

Between his regular role as Dr. Sam Bennett on ABCs Private Practice and raising his son Walker, 2, Taye Diggs has his hands full.

Along with wife Idina Menzel an actress who worked with him on the Broadway production and 2005 feature film version of Rent Diggs, 40, has embraced being a parent.

Ive never loved anything so much, Diggs says of his son. It comes to the point where its almost painful to realize that someone has you in such a vulnerable position.

Diggs child-centric focus also extends to the new he wrote for children. Chocolate Me! details one boys struggle to fit in with those who are different from him.

You should be proud and embrace your differences regardless if its race or religion or if something is looked upon as a handicap, Diggs says of his inspiration to write the book.

We asked him more about being a daddy:

On his son: Were so excited to see what hes going to become. Hes got a huge personality. He loves to dance and sing, and hes very athletic. He has a wicked sense of humor.

On splitting up parenting duties: Its equally divided. When were both around we take shifts.

On transitioning to being a parent: If youre a regular human being you wonder how youre going to be as a father, if youre going to wand to do all of the things that youre supposed to do. It wasnt until after the fact that I realized I fell into place. Nobody had to tell me. Things just started to happen.

On the first few months of being a father: Its like a beautiful science project. Youre constantly fawning over him, reading books on how to keep him alive, asking advice, hearing stories. You just want this thing to live until the next day.

On being a parent: There are all these books out there that tell you what to do, what a child has to have and ABCDEFG. But you look at other situations, I know amazing people that were born in single parent households, where the mother could only spend so much time. Ive spent time with kids that had nannies. Its all different. Its the amount of love you can give and the quality of time.

More children?

My son is so amazing that I would be fine with him, but I came from a big family and its great to have siblings. I think I would be fine with two. Id also like to adopt. I dont know if that would make it three or two or what.

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