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A smart way to highlight.
A smart way to highlight. / Getty Images/Fuse

To help your kids study, Anne Crossman, author of Study Smart, Study Less, offers these tips:

Highlight right.

Suggest that your child use different-color highlighters to take more effective notes, such as yellow for new information, red for relevant vocabulary, and so on.

The model model.

A fun way to take a break from the monotony of the textbook is to build, say, a three-dimensional model of a cell when your child is learning cellular structure.

Consolidate notes.

Try this: Have your student take all his notes from a block of time — like a class period or a book chapter — and condense them into one note card. Have him do this each time he studies until he has a week’s worth of cards, and then condense those into one. Put the daily cards in one box and the weekly summary cards in another box. If he reviews his weekly cards each weekend, he will be prepared come test day.

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