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Judy Collins
Judy Collins / James Veysey/Camera Press

Septuagenarian Judy Collins is not just a folk icon. She’s a multitasker who would put most teens to shame.

This month, she has no fewer than two books — a memoir and a children’s book with a CD — plus a new album due out.

We did our best to catch up with Collins, 72, at her Manhattan digs to find out more.

Her memoir, Sweet Judy Blue Eyes.

“I started writing it about three years ago, figuring that I was going to turn 70 and also I was reaching a watershed moment in my career.”

Life in the 70s

“I make people guess how old I am. I really believe we are the age we think we are. I think I’m probably 27.”

The title of her new album

Bohemian. My choices have always been avant-garde. The fact that I consider my home my atelier, my working studio — it’s very bohemian. You can do it in other places, in the country, and it’s a little harder to do in New York but that’s where I live so that’s where it happens.”

New music faves

“Shawn Colvin, Joan Baez, Leonard Cohen, Amy Winehouse, Fleet Foxes, Rufus Wainwright, Ricky Ian Gordon, Paul McCartney. I even like Eminem. He’s a very, very interesting artist—I try to listen and look and see what’s going on all the time.”

Secret passion

“I love to take pictures. I’m not a bad photographer. I use my iPhone now. It’s so easy.”

What's next

“I have a musical I want to write. A Broadway play is in my bones. It’s not about me, although I actually dreamed last night that I was integrating some of my own songs in it, which was cheating.”

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