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Puzzles build visualization skills.
Puzzles build visualization skills. / Sandra Steh/Getty Images
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In their special newsstand issue, Create & Learn! (on newsstands until Nov. 14), the editors at Disney FamilyFun have identified six must-haves for creative, engaged kids:

1. World map.

Post it on the wall for easy access. Have quiz shows in which family members compete to answer questions, such as “Which U.S. states border Mexico?”

2. Dictionary.

Wondering about the meaning of mentation or the spelling of moonquake? Have your child look it up.

3. Table for jigsaw puzzles.

Puzzles help build visualization skills as well as memory and pattern recognition.

4. Brain-boosting library.

Stock it with books of crossword puzzles, mazes, brainteasers and Sudoku.

5. Domino set.

Play the classic game to reinforce number skills, then build knock-‘em-down courses to enhance creative thinking.

6. Special reading spot.

It could be as simple as a corner with big pillows on the floor, a good light and a basket of books.

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