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Leafy Sea Dragon
Leafy Sea Dragon


Have a young one on your holiday gift list? Check out these fun and wallet-friendly stocking stuffers:

Leafy Sea Dragon.

The lithe, lovely creature from the deep blue sea is just one of many pocketbook-friendly finger puppets. (Ages 6+, $9.99,


They’re charming, eco-friendly and handmade. Everything from elephants to emus means hours of fun-packed play. (Ages 3+, $8.95,

Balloon Hats.

This clever kit includes 24 modeling balloons, a pump and instructions to create eight different designs. (Ages 8+, $11.95,

Makedo Cup Critter.

Cleverly crafted and packaged, the kit has materials to make two whimsical critters. (Ages 5+, $4.95,

Doodle Roll.

An inventive take on a traditional coloring book and crayons. A roll of paper and four crayons are ready whenever inspiration strikes. (Ages 3+, $4.99,


It’s a fast-paced crisscross card game where the winner is the first to get four of shapes in a row—horizontally, vertically or diagonally. (Ages 6+, $14.99,

Dinosaur Play World Quick Sticker Kit.

Package includes a paper landscape scene, 22 dinosaur stickers and three mini cardboard dinosaurs. (Ages 4+, $4.99,


It challenges you to be the first to make matches, or “Swishes,” by layering up to 12 transparent cards so every ball displayed can be seen in a circle of the same color. (Ages 8+, $12.99,

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