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Actress Charlize Theron and her mother Gerta Theron at the Academy Awards. / Jason Merritt/Getty Images


Could Theron ever have ended up as desperate and distressed as her character in her new movie, Young Adult? “God no,” she says. “Not with my mom. No way.”

Here is what her mother, Gerta, taught her about what every young person needs to grow up in the real world:

Dont be best friends with your kids.
“The job of a parent is to do the ugly work sometimes and say, `No, that's not how life works.’ Kids need to learn boundaries.”

Teach kids to be respectful.
“They need to understand manners and how the world around them works.”

A sense of self is the greatest thing a parent can give a child.
“Everything my mother taught me came from a place of, Understand who you are. She always encouraged me to find my own way in the world. That sense of self is what is missing in a lot of young girls today. It's heartbreaking. Because that’s what a child wants, whether they know it or not.”

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