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Making New Year’s financial resolutions is easy. Keeping them can be another matter.

But your odds improve if you make your goals manageable. Here are four resolutions that are both rewarding and within reach:

Sign up for a 401(k).

Contributing to your employer plan cuts down on taxes while your retirement savings grow tax-deferred. If you’re already on board, increase your contributions. “At the very least, make sure you’re contributing enough to get the full employer match,” says Money columnist Walter Updegrave. “If you’re not, you’re turning away free money.”


If you own a home and haven’t retooled your mortgage in the past couple of years, look into it. With interest rates hovering around 4%, you could save on your monthly payments and how much interest you pay over the life of the loan.

Pay down credit cards.

Paying the minimum on your credit card balance just keeps you afloat for another month. Tacking on even as little as $50 a month extra can carve into your balance.

Mind your retirement.

See if you’re saving enough to enjoy a comfortable life after you quit working. For a simple calculator, visit

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