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Add some fun along the way.
Add some fun along the way. / Ty Milford/Getty Images

Whether you’re training for a 5K run or just aiming for a daily 15-minute walk around the block, making fitness part of your routine — and sticking to it — is possible, says Rebecca Derossett, co-author of Working Out Sucks. Try these easy steps:

Just move it.

If you are in a negative-thinking cycle for more than 10 minutes, stop thinking and start moving. Move your body every hour; sitting saps motivation.

Take small steps.

Rather than swearing up and down that you’ll go to the gym seven days a week, try going every other day at first.

Build incentives.

Pick one day a week to enjoy your favorite dessert, get movie popcorn (with butter) on a Saturday night, or treat yourself to a massage. By adding some fun along the way, you’ll be more likely to continue your fitness climb.

Give yourself a rest day.

Even high-performance athletes are told to take days off. If you become exhausted or overwhelmed by your new routine, you’ll probably start undoing the progress you’ve made.

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