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Contract your abs while you sit in traffic.
Contract your abs while you sit in traffic. / Jose Luis Pelaez Inc / Getty Images

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to stay in shape, says Valerie Orsini, French fitness trainer and author of Le Personal Coach. Here are some of her tips for slipping healthy habits into your day:

Give strong abs a green light. When you drive, each time you get to a red light, suck in your stomach for the duration. Contract your lower abs for five seconds, release, then add the upper abs for five seconds. Don’t forget to breathe.

Keep your shoulders loose. Several times a day, pretend you’re zipping and unzipping a dress with a back zipper. With one hand, start from the bottom and “zip up” as far as you can between your shoulder blades. Finish by taking the other arm and reaching down over your shoulder and pulling the “zipper” up farther. Reverse hands and repeat.

Fight dry feet. Before you put on socks, slather feet with a moisturizing cream. Then put on your socks and shoes and go for a walk. Combined with sweating, which opens pores, the heat from walking will help the cream penetrate much better than if you had simply put it on before going to bed, for example.

Get a natural breast lift. Push your hands together, palm against palm, 100 times. Start by holding your arms at chest level; then keep moving them up until they are high above your head. This simple exercise helps firm the supporting tissue around the breasts.

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