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What Jane loves:

Our cover gal, Glee’s Jane Lynch, may be everyone’s favorite mean girl. But we thought it would be fun, this Valentine’s Day, 2012, to mine her inner softie. We caught up with Lynch, 51, in Los Angeles, and turns out, she’s a fan of the oft-dissed day.

“There’s nothing wrong, if it comes from an open heart, to buy candy, flowers and cards,” the actress says.

Here’s what else — and who — she loves this Valentine’s Day:

Her wife of nearly two years, Lara Embry: “Everything is about the people in my life. It helps for me to have a special day to acknowledge my love and my appreciation.”

Embry’s daughter, Haden, 10: “And, of course, I love my daughter. Having the candy and card is important for her, so we’ll do that for her.”

A shared meal: “Now that I have a partner I love, having a meal together. We both love food. It’s a great way to show each other that love.”

Coffee: “We both love coffee so we’ll have a Valentine’s Day coffee together.” A favorite brand is the French Roast from the Coffeolcq Roasting Company in Watsonville, Calif.

Glee: “I do love my job. Every day I go to work and go through that gate, I’m excited and I have gratefulness, so maybe this Valentine’s Day I’ll reflect on that as well.”

Her house in L.A.’s rustic Laurel Canyon: “The house is a living, breathing organism that’s full of things and people that I love,” including her 3 dogs and cat.

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