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Im definitely shy, says Thompson. / Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Saturday Night Live has launched dozens of comedians into the big time, and nine-year vet Kenan Thompson, 33, could be next. Later this year he moves into new territory, playing Morgan Freeman's nephew in The Summer of Monte Wildhorn, directed by Rob Reiner. Still, the newlywed he married model Christine Evangeline in November says he has no plans to abandon SNL: I want to stay forever. We asked him more:

How has marriage changed your life?

I don't watch as much football any more. The biggest change is that I now have someone to come home to. It's a wonderful feeling.

Have you successfully combined households?

We're still living in an apartment, but we don't want to get rid of our life-long build-up of things we've collected so we have two separate storage units apiece.

What have you learned about women?

They're a lot more complicated than men. Men are very A, B, C. Women are A-squared, B-squared, C-squared. They have to give life, so they have a lot to think about.

Where does your humor come from?

My mother gets tickled by things that are surprising to me. My father likes to get up in front of the family and tell jokes. I never did that. But I like making people laugh, and I like laughing myself.

When did you figure that out?

I remember playing the Gingerbread Man when I was six and getting a lot of laughs and having fun.

What makes you laugh?

I watch a lot of South Park. I'm a huge fan of Martin Lawrence and Dave Chappelle. I even like watching old Fresh Prince of Bel Air episodes in the morning. It puts you in a good place. I like silliness.

Do you want kids?

I can't wait to be a dad. I love kids. They're super-funny. Bill Cosby was one of my favorite stand-ups when I was growing up. Every time he talked about what was going on inside his house, it was golden material.

Your favorite SNL host?

Liam Neeson was really awesome.

What would surprise people to know about you?

I'm definitely shy and in my own world.

Anything else?

I can't cook, but I'm a very good sweeper. And I take the trash out--a lot.

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