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'Missing' Sneak Peek: Over the next 10 weeks, America will go on a fast-paced, globe-spanning adventure with Ashley Judd as the big screen star comes to TV for the first time on ABC's Missing! Judd Family Drama In the seri
Judd shares more of her favorite things with us. / Stan Godlewski/for USA TODAY


Ashley Judd got to do a lot of traveling when filming her new series Missing on ABC. Her favorite part: working with the international guest stars — “every week I had remarkable actors.”

What other favorites are there in Judd’s life?

Family time: “Some Christmases I’ve had the whole family over and I’ve made a big country breakfast on Christmas morning. It’s huge production and I really liked it.”

Meal she cooks for her husband (Scottish race car driver Dario Franchitti): “He enjoys my breakfast for dinner. We do that once a week.”

Condiment: Brummel and Brown spread. “I cook a lot, so I put it on my pancakes, my biscuits, and my corn bread ....”

Cookbook: “There’s a cookbook called Kentucky Keepsakes and it’s a compilation of really old Kentucky recipes, so it’s like14 cornbread recipes, each with seemingly minute differences but I really like that and my basic cookbook is The Fannie Farmer Cookbook.”

Restaurant: “My nana’s kitchen table because my grandmother (Naomi’s mother) is the best cook. I lived with her when I was in the 12th grade and I still have not had country fried steak as good as hers.”

Southern Comfort: “Not using an air conditioner, keeping all the windows open and listening to the night time sounds.”

Hiking spot: “While we were filming Missing I was able to hike a lot of the Saxon Switzerland National Park, which is a huge broad leaf forest that borders four countries and I really enjoyed that. I was able go on the trail and really not see another human being for six, seven hour long hikes and I love that.”

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Place to horseback ride: “We spend time in the North of Scotland, way up in highlands, I love riding there.”

Adventure: “I have a rule with myself where if I see a good creek, I have to get in it — it’s disrespectful to the creek not to get in it no matter how cold. I took some pretty amazing invigorating plunges.”

Go to outfit: Nightgowns. “There’s a little shop in Portofino, Italy that sells beautiful linens and nightgowns and I have a lot of those. They’re a very light cotton usually printed with a lovely floral pattern and they’ll have a little bit of ribbon or embroidery detail but I [also] like vintage cotton nightgowns. As long as it’s nightgown I’m pretty happy.”

Accessory: “Always a sunhat. It’s hard to find the perfect one that’s pretty, I’ve got good cotton ones I’ve used for hiking but I’ll have one that will hold its shape for a month or so and then it’s on to hoping the next one will come into my life.”

Perfume: “I love Parma violet perfume [Perfume Violetta di Parma] because that’s what my Mamaw (her paternal grandmother) wore.”

Thing about starring on your own TV series: “I’m surrounded by incredible people, a producing team who came up with the idea and wrote the show not knowing if I would ever do it.”

Gadget: “No gadget. I like the concept of Kindle or an iBook but right now I hold [a book] in my hand”

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