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No breakfast is the worst breakfast.
No breakfast is the worst breakfast. / Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Weaving in and out of work schedules, family time and outings with friends leaves most women with little room to schedule a workout.

The Women’s Health Diet by Stephen Perrine shows that you can make progress toward weight goals even when you can’t squeeze in regular exercise. To stay headed in the right direction:

Keep eating. Do not let yourself get hungry. “Every time you skip a meal, your body feels it, too, and says, ‘Uh-oh. Famine up ahead,’” Perrine says. Forgoing food signals your body to store fat. Instead, fuel up throughout the day with nutrient-rich food that is filling and delicious.

No breakfast is the worst breakfast. Skipping it will make you gain weight. “If you skip breakfast, you lower your metabolism, starve your muscles and wind up eating the bulk of your calories too late in the day,” Perrine says. “Regularly skipping breakfast increases your risk of obesity by 450%.”

If it grows on a tree, eat it. When in doubt, reach for anything that grows on a tree. That way, you’ll get the maximum amount of nutrients for the least number of calories in each bite. That’s “a dietary bargain,” Perrine says.

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