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Don’t leave the salon feeling unhappy. / George Doyle/Getty Images

Over the years you’ve connected and confided with your beautician, but you’ve walked away from the salon feeling unhappy with the service. Here’s what to do:

She runs late. Let it slide once or twice, but after the third time she keeps you waiting, ask about her schedule when booking your next visit, says L.A. stylist Richard Marin. You can request the first appointment of her day, which makes delays less likely.

He uses dirty tools. Speak up. “If you were at a restaurant, you’d ask for a clean fork,” says Sacha Quarles, hair stylist at New York’s Pravana.

She yaks too much. Indicate your appointment is “quiet time.” Or get absorbed with a magazine. Still irked? Tell the manager.

He did a sloppy job. Ask the manager for a discount or a redo for major mistakes.

If you can’t resolve what concerns you, move on. “There are many great stylists, salons and spas,” Quarles says. “Life’s too short not to look fabulous all the time.”

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