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Before you buy an item you don’t really need, take a breath and think about your actions in a logical way, says Jennifer Baumgartner, author of You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You. Use these sure-fire techniques to help you decrease the urge to whip out your wallet:

Just browse. Leave your cash and credit cards behind. It may seem painful at first, Baumgartner says, but it will give you more time to consider the purchase. When you arrive home from the store, review your mental shopping list to be sure you really need the item before going back to buy it.

De-register your accounts. Online shopping is convenient: You can do it anywhere at any time. But its ease makes it dangerous. Baumgartner advises you disable your online accounts. That way, the websites will have to ask for your address and credit card number, giving you some time to think before you click “purchase.”

Hold off to be sure. Post a picture of the item where you will see it every day, or put the items on hold in the store. This kind of super- saturation with an item often leads to satiety, Baumgartner says. If you still want the item after waiting a week or month of gazing at it, then go ahead and get it without guilt.

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