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Seltzer water
Stay slim with these happy hour secrets. / Jack Andersen/Getty Images

Cooling down from your work week with a frozen margarita at happy hour may seem like a great way to celebrate the weekend (or a Tuesday, for that matter), but frozen alcoholic drinks usually pack in about 200 to 500 calories each. Cool down and stay slim with these happy-hour secrets from Jennifer Iserloh, CEO of Skinny Chef Culinary Ventures:

Be clear with your order. Sodas and juices are full of sugar, so instead, Iserloh advises you to opt for seltzer water or club soda with a garnish such as a lime or lemon. Wine coolers, champagne, sangria and mojitos also are good, low-calorie options. The clearer the beverage, the better, Iserloh says.

Split it. Check how many ounces and calories you’re getting with one drink. Iserloh suggests splitting one with a pal.

Order filling, but not fatty, foods. Iserloh says guacamole is a good choice to share with the group. It’s full of good fats and is “made with something that’s real food,” she says. Another option: make your own hot wings with grilled chicken and a side of hot sauce.

Mix it up. If you don’t want hard liquor, order bitters and seltzer water. “It still looks like a mixed drink, so you still feel like part of the party,” Iserloh says. Plus, that choice comes with a bonus: Bitters, which are very low in alcohol, help digestion, Iserloh says.

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