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Even 20 minutes spent together is better than doing it alone.
Even 20 minutes spent together is better than doing it alone. / Kicka Witte/Getty Images

For many couples, spending time together takes the backseat to work deadlines, kids’ playdates and endless daily chores. Finding an hour to exercise? Equally challenging. In the ideal world, you’d be able to mix the two — a walk with your hubby to unwind after a long day sounds perfect. Except he’s a morning person, and you most definitely are not. How can couples who have different fitness styles find a happy medium?

We asked Sue Fleming, a personal trainer who works with couples and who owns Buff Fitness in New York City, for help reaching sweat solutions:

You … love the great outdoors.

He … is all about the weight room.

Sweat solution: You have two options, Fleming says. First, start and finish your workout at the gym, where you can join him for some light lifting before taking a brisk walk or jog outdoors. Then end with another set of reps at the gym. Alternately, “bring the gym to the park,” she suggests. “Resistance tubes, bands and even an inflatable ball are easy to transport and give you a great strength-training workout.”

You … are a night owl.

He … is an early bird.

Sweat solution: “Compromise on exercise times twice a week,” Fleming says. “Maybe Monday morning you join him, and Thursday evening he meets you for a session after work.” Also: Consider a midday gym class together on the weekend when you have a little more time, and see if he’ll join you for a cool-down stroll after your evening jog during the week.

You … love group classes.

He … does his own thing.

Sweat solution: Check out fitness classes that tap into his favorite activities. “Does he like to bike? Then find a spin class you can take together,” Fleming says. Giving him space to enjoy an activity that he likes, while still doing it as part of a group, can help open his mind to trying more classes with you in the future.

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