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Backyard party
A key: Think about others. / Alistair Berg/Getty Images

With warm weather comes backyard barbecues and spring weddings. What better time to brush up on your p’s and q’s? This is National Etiquette Week, and Anna Post, great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post and co-author of Emily Post’s Etiquette 18th edition, has help for three sticky situations you may encounter soon:

Your backyard bash. To be able to enjoy yourself while hosting a gathering, “think about things you can do in advance. For example, put out a basket of bug spray so it’s available to guests,” Post says. “Be sure there’s a clear place to put trash so you won’t be picking up later.”

Wearing white to a wedding. Think about the bride! “It’s not improper to wear white to someone else’s wedding anymore, but if there’s at all a risk that the bride will be upset, then don’t do it,” Post says.

Talking politics. “This is a tricky subject. We’re beyond saying ‘Don’t talk about politics,’” Post says. “Just be extra-careful at special events like a wedding or holiday where the focus of the day is on the event. If the thing everyone remembers is a fight over what candidate is going to win, it’s disrespectful to the point of the day.”

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