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Group similar items together for easy labeling. / Fuse / Getty Images

Organizing the garage doesn’t have to be daunting, says Donna Smallin, author of How to Declutter and Make Money Now! and an organizing expert. Use these tips for a no-fear garage cleaning spree:

Unclutter first. Most of the items in the garage you “wanted out of the house but didn’t want to walk to the curb,” Smallin says. Take the time to identify items to give to Goodwill or sell in a yard sale. With less stuff, there’s less to organize.

Create zones. Group similar items together for easy labeling. For more space, don’t limit storage to the floor: Use the ceiling for bikes, the wall for brooms or rakes.

Keep it accessible. Stack bins of seasonal decorations or items you seldom need on higher shelves. Remember to stack bins of similar sizes together to avoid tumbling.

Think out of the box. Add a fresh, bright coat of paint to the wall, or decorate with pictures and posters. These finishing touches will boost the value of your home — and your spirits. Don’t worry about doing too much. “It’s your ‘welcome home’ every day,” Smallin says. So make it welcoming.

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