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After an illness or an injury, it may be a struggle for you to get back into the swing of things and heal. Physician Julie Silver, author of You Can Heal Yourself, has good advice for getting physically and emotionally stronger.

Exercise your body and mind. Whether you take a walk around the neighborhood, attend a water aerobics class or run around town completing daily errands, exercise is beneficial. “Exercise enhances immune system function, contributes to better sleep and promotes a positive outlook while reducing stress and anxiety,” she says.

Heal from the inside. Don’t underestimate the power of meditation and muscle relaxation. “Engaging your mind in the recovery process can help you psychologically and physically heal as well as you possibly can,” Silver says. Meditate for five or 10 minutes a day to help decrease your blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate and muscle tension.

Eat to mend. A varied diet with key nutrients will help you heal. Vitamin D supports the immune system; vitamin A helps skin and bones heal. “Keeping our tank full without over-indulging is important,” Silver says. “Have a consistent and stable level of energy, and you’ll feel and heal better.”

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