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Ellie Krieger is the host of The Food Network's Healthy Appetite and the author of three cookbooks. / Ben Fink, USA WEEKEND

Ellie asked readers about grilled avocado

@HolleyGrainger Definitely try! Intensifies the flavor. Want to use a ripe but firm avocado

@ChefJRivas @Ellie_Krieger when you do grill the avo fill the cavity with a nice crab salad or blue cheese glaçage. I have and it's great!

More for the grill

@Ellie_Krieger Shrimp is a summer fave too--skewered, shrimp salad, and who can resist a good shrimp cocktail? I use shrimp as gaspacho garnish.

@TheLemonBowl @Ellie_Krieger This weekend I made a Vietnamese Shrimp Salad with cucumber, mint and sweet chili sauce

@Ellie_Krieger yes beautiful- must b careful not 2 burn leaves. Cover w foil while cooking. RT @HolleyGrainger: Have u tried rosemary skewers?


From the basic burger, to ordinary sides, last week our CookSmart columnist, Ellie Krieger, gave cookout classics a refreshing update.

Ellie Krieger, a registered dietitian, joined USA WEEKEND for a Twitter chat on May 29. Readers and Ellie dished on delectable summer favorites using the hashtag #usawellie.

Read on for easy, summer-inspired recipes, healthy tips and more from our chat.

How does she turn summer fruit into a flavorful dessert?

@Ellie_Krieger Pretty much any stone fruit is delicious on the grill, peaches, plums, nectarines...

What nutrition is lost when you grill fruit?

@Ellie_Krieger When you cook some nutrients are lost, esp Vit C but is a short time so not a worry

Fire up your grill: Suggestions from Ellie and readers

@Ellie_Krieger I like to skewer grapes and grill too...great as a dessert or on chicken skewers

@KarenVanZant @Ellie_Krieger I've grilled bananas too- I put foil down on the grill & place the bananas on the foil so there's not a huge mess!

@TheLemonBowl @Ellie_Krieger Grilled romaine is one of my favorite Summer salads- dressed w homemade blue cheese and horseradish dressing.

@Ellie_Krieger @TheLemonBowlI love the idea of grilled romaine with blue cheese and horseradish dressing! Love grilled lettuce!

@ChefJRivas have you ever tried grilled potatoes in foil? Little herbs, Parmesan & I'm hungry

@SpiceBites @ChefJRivas Love grilled potatoes, but with onions & bell pepper, garlic, cajun seasoning & lemon juice...all wrapped in foil!

Fresh ideas for tomatoes, a summertime favorite

@Ellie_Krieger I also love a simple "caprese" salad---ripe summer tomatoes and fresh mozzarella with basil leaves.

@HolleyGrainger Cute presentation 2 skewer these 4 a party RT@ellie_krieger: "caprese" salad--ripe summer tomatoes, mozzarella w/basil leaves.

@HolleyGrainger My 10-month old's fave food! For me-toss with tomatoes, feta & basil 4 a fun salad twist

@verykara My mom makes a caprese burger with tomato mozza 'wheels'

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@Ellie_Krieger @verykara Sounds yum. could do with portobello for vegetarians.

Ditch your burger bun

@verykara I've been on a total burger kick lately. Any recommendations for burger-bun pairings?

@Ellie_Krieger @verykara I like to use whole grain Eng muffins for my burgers

@GoWithTheGrain Unexpected, but great idea! RT @Ellie_Krieger: @verykara I like to use whole grain Eng muffins for my burgers

@RealFoodforFuel @verykara I've been on a total burger kick lately. Any recommendations for burger-bun pairings? I really like the sandwich thins

What to do with watermelon

@Ellie_Krieger Is anyone as crazy about Watermelon in the summer as I am? I think it is one of the most fun fruits. Loads of lycopene too!

@KarenVanZant @Ellie_Krieger I love making watermelon salad with mint & goat cheese!

@ChefJRivas @Ellie_Krieger don't forget to try watermelon with a pinch salt & lime juice.

@Ellie_Krieger @ChefJRivas gr8 tip, a touch of salt brings out the sweetness

@SpiceBite I find Watermelon agua fresca refreshing in the summer, with a hint of toasted & fresh ground cumin...yum!

@ChefJRivas @Ellie_Krieger Try watermelon w/ cayenne too if you desire a little #spicy in your life

Advice for summer sauces, marinades

@Ellie_Krieger I love an asian style marinade with ginger, garlic, soy, and some apricot jam. RT @TheLemonBowl: Any new marinade ideas ideas?

@Ellie_Krieger You could do w/blueberry, peach. RT @usaweekend Grilled fruit sundae on cover 's so refreshing. Any other ez sauces?

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