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Anyone over 6 months old needs protection.
Anyone over 6 months old needs protection. / K-King Media/Getty Images

You know sun causes burns, wrinkles and skin cancer. But do you know how to best use sunblock to reduce the damage? Here are some tips from Robert Durst, M.D., spokesman for the Skin Cancer Foundation and a dermatologist in Topeka.

Itís for us all. ďAnyone over 6 months old should be wearing it,Ē Durst says.

Itís for all year. ďUnless you wear it 365 days a year, you donít get that much protection. November, December and January can be some of the most important times to wear sunscreen because the angle of the sun is so low. You still get UVA rays.Ē

Toss out last summerís bottle. ďOld sunscreens just donít work as well. ... Theyíre not as effective.Ē

Pour it on. ďMost people put on half to a quarter of what they should. If you put the right amount on and reapply, youíll be good regardless of the SPF number. You should use about 2 tablespoons of sunscreen for your body and Ĺ teaspoon for your face.Ē

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