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Drew Barrymore
"I'm obsessed with making soups." / Dan MacMedan/USA TODAY


Newlywed and mom-to-be, Drew Barrymore, has been on screen since infancy and is now the apt co-host with Robert Osborne of the classic-movies TV series The Essentials (8 p.m. ET Saturdays, TCM).

In addition to her spouse — Barrymore, 37, married art consultant Will Kopelman June 2 and first child — Barrymore picked these essentials:

Book: The Giving Tree. “It’s got selfishness and selflessness ... in one perfect metaphor. It’s for children, but it’s really the greatest lesson for adults.”

Beauty product: “I can’t live without concealer and lipstick. With just those two tools, I can make up my whole face.”

Fridge item: “Lately, leeks, because I’m obsessed with making soups, and they are really great for soupmaking.”

In the car: “My iPod for Shazaming every good song I hear.”

Clothing: “Jeans and sweatshirts and some Converse,” what she calls a “most unsexy” answer.

Movie she made: “With all humility, I would pick three. ET: I loved the sense that everything was possible. Ever After taught me to be empowered. 50 First Dates was about working hard on love on a daily basis.”

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