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Will Kopelman and Drew Barrymore wed on June 2. / Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images


Newlywed Drew Barrymore took time from her busy schedule — she co-hosts the classic-movies TV series The Essentials (8 p.m. ET Saturdays, TCM), recently married Will Kopelman (June 2) and is expecting her first child — to chat with USA WEEKEND about her “essentials.”

Movies have “not only been my biggest passion in life [but] the thing that saved me,” Barrymore, 37, says. “They’re my own little school and college and grad school. I’ve become a lot of who I am through movies, not just the experience of making them, but watching them.”

Read on for more of Barrymore’s “essentials:”

Family member: “I wish we were a closer bunch,” Barrymore says. “Most of my family went to the other side before I was born. A lot of people don’t have the luxury of [a] family. I’m lucky to admire them. They were an interesting, nutty, talented, wild bunch.”

In her purse:Aquaphor lip balm or any type of good healing lip balm.”

Website: Without Google, Barrymore, the goddaughter of Steven Spielberg, says she doesn’t know if she would even “bother with the Internet. “I don’t really know many websites but I feel like I’m Googling all the time. [The Internet] overwhelms me and isn’t necessarily my thing but thanks to Google I love it.”

Friend: “I’ll pick my old friend Mel who next year we’ll be friends for 30 years,” Barrymore says. “She’s ruthlessly funny and we’re incredibly honest with each other. We’re always keeping each other real — to me that is an essential friend: Someone who always makes you remember where you’ve been in order to know where your going, and you’re laughing with them.”

Classic movie: “Sullivan’s Travels because it’s a film about the way I want to live my life.”

Modern movie: Defending Your Life for its life lessons and irony. “It’s entertaining, very detailed but also so enjoyable. And I always cry in the end but it makes me feel good.”

More “essential” books: Barrymore offers up for “diversity” and “you got to read these” Slaughterhouse-Five and Pride and Prejudice.

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