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Keep your email, music and social profiles organized with apps. / Image Source/Getty Images

How you set up your gadgets can be either time-consuming and stressful or save you time and money.

Tips from a tech guru:

“Tune up” your music. When you download songs, the metadata attached to each song are what matter. They list artist, album and title, allowing your player to sort accordingly. But not all devices use the same system. The free app Tuneup goes through your music and cleans it up, says Derek Mister, a Geek Squad agent for Best Buy in Cleveland.

Stand out in the crowd. Sites such as LinkedIn can broaden your business network, but keywords rule. “A lot of people try to make themselves stand out by using creative or unique language,” Mister says. Instead, choose common search terms, especially for title, skills and location.

Protect your data. Apple has iCloud, a data storage system that will automatically back up your iPhone when you recharge it. Says Mister, “I tell people there are three simple rules for happiness with your technology: backup, backup and backup.”

You’ve got (a lot of) mail. Email is still the number one way of communicating on the Internet, Mister points out. “The most important thing you can do is keep your inbox clear,” he says. Make e-folders; label them by category or by priority . It’ll be easier to find emails later and will help you control the flood of messages.

Your digital to-do list The app called To Do “allows you to create separate lists for personal reminders versus work ones, and lets you organize it by priority or date,” says Robert Tarleton, a personal technology consultant in San Francisco.

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