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airport travel
Pack only what you need. / Image Source/Getty Images

Nothing gets an air travelerís heart rate up like standing in security lines as your departure time gets nearer and nearer. Throw kids or older parents in the mix and stress levels can soar even higher.

The TSA recommends you check its website ( or call its TSA CARES hotline (855-787-2227) for an up-date on procedures and accommodations for passengers with disabilities.

Tips from Molly Manning of Wellesley, Mass., a mother of five boys under age 12, also might help:

Prep them. Let your kids know what to expect. The more familiar they are with the routine, the easier it is.

Pack smart. Bring as little as possible, make sure the childrenís pockets are empty, and put all liquids, such as premade bottles, together in part of a bag thatís easy to reach.

Give them a job. You can ask one child to be in charge of finding your gate on the monitor, the other to help hold a younger childís hand. Know their personalities when assigning tasks: This is not a time to stretch their comfort levels.

Somethingís not going to go according to plan. Just roll with it.

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