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2012 Arizona Country Thunder Music Festival - Day
In Jackson's top 10: whiskey, fishing, burgers, Jones. / Rick Diamond/Rick Diamond, Getty Images, for Count

Where is his first guitar?

“My first guitar I got when I was 16, my parents gave it to me. It was a little Aria, a little company that made inexpensive acoustic guitars. The only one I had forever when I came to Nashville."

Years ago, Jackson loaned his first guitar to a museum ... And now it's lost.

Find Jackson's guitar! "We can’t find it anywhere; we don’t know what happened to it ... it's out there somewhere."

Do you know where Jackson's guitar is?


With 35 No. 1 singles under his hat, we know Alan Jackson is a fan favorite. But what does the Georgia native, 53, now on tour for his new CD, Thirty Miles West, count as favorites in his life? He opens up.

Advice: George Jones, one of his heroes, told him early on, “Keep it country.”

Lyric: “‘He stopped loving her today’ [in Jones’ song of the same name]. That’s the ultimate sentiment of love in a country song: He stopped loving her today, the day he died, he can’t love ’em any more.”

Snack at work: Jack Daniel’s whiskey. “Jack and I have written a lot of songs.”

Fun family time: Fishing with daughters Mattie, 16; Ali, 19; and Dani, 22. ... “I’m pretty lazy; I don’t have to do much but reel ’em in.”

Food: “I’d just as soon have a cheeseburger. I like chocolate a lot. Mama made a pie or cake just about every day, and I grew up eating sweets.”

Secret talent: “I can wiggle my ears. Not many people know that. I got that from my Daddy.”

Gadget: “I have a little handheld GPS I can tell the speeds on my old wood boats. I’m a pilot, retired, but I flew for years in my old little plane, piddling around, and I keep up with weather and conditions and wind.”

Marriage to his high school sweetheart: “She’ll always be as old as I am,” laughs Jackson, who has been married to Denise for 32 years. “It’s nice to be with somebody who knows all of it — even the bad stuff.”

Hat: “I bought my first nice Stetson when I moved to Nashville. It was about $90; that was a lot of money for me. Even after I had hits, I wore that hat for probably 10 years. That hat has been everywhere you can imagine —in some rural raggedy clubs that I played in trying to get started and to the White House [where I] played for two presidents. Now it’s just in my closet, retired.”

Guitar: “I got a really cool old guitar Denise gave me, an old Gibson from the Hank Williams Sr. collection. It was one of his.” Jackson has about 100 guitars.

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