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Stephen Covey, author of 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People'


I have been so honored throughout the years to have had the privilege of partnering with my Dad at numerous speaking events and in media interviews and in several articles, such as appearing on a nationally syndicated television show and speaking in front of thousands of educators. My dad is my hero and the person that I hope to become more like. Being able to partner with him on this recent article in USA WEEKEND was a real privilege. Since his passing, I have great memories of so many occasions we have been able to work together and I will cherish these memories always.

My dad coined the term “Begin with the End in Mind,” which is about creating a blueprint for your life and truly defining what matters most. This article was under that umbrella - the idea of achieving your goals, whether at work or in your personal life or whether you run a billion-dollar organization, a 10-person team, lead a family or in your own personal life. As my dad taught, private victories always precede public victories. Achieving your personal goals is fundamental to achieving goals that involve teams and organizations. It is inside out, not outside in. If you clearly define your wildly important goals in life and then execute on them with a passion, you will achieve that which is truly extraordinary.

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