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Fatigue can set in with too many decisions.
Fatigue can set in with too many decisions. / Dougal Waters/Getty Images

With all the decisions you make in a day, decision fatigue can hit you pretty quickly. You may make poor choices or feel overwhelmed. “It takes mental energy to do things in life,” says psychologist Kathleen Vohs, professor of marketing at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. “When you make a bunch of decisions, it zaps some of that energy.”

Embrace these tips to keep your selection process running smoothly:

Stick to the familiar. Picking a default eliminates the need to make a decision, Vohs says. Order the same drink at Starbucks each morning, but allow yourself a different drink for special occasions.

Ask for a little help. Have a trusted family member or friend make decisions for you, such as choosing a meal plan for the week or scheduling outings for the weekend, Vohs suggests.

Go back to nature. Feeling fatigued before the 4 p.m. meeting? Take a look out the window or make your screen saver show mountains or corn fields. Studies find that nature scenes can restore and regenerate attention, Vohs says.

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