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Look for Joe Jonas as a mentor on the new CW talent show <i>The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep</i>, premiering Aug. 16.
Look for Joe Jonas as a mentor on the new CW talent show The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep, premiering Aug. 16. / Jason Merritt/Getty Images


Joe Jonas is the latest star mentoring music hopefuls on the new CW talent show The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep. A mentor at 22? Donít let Jonasí age fool you. The singer-actor has years of showbiz experience: worldwide music success with the Jonas Brothers, a solo music career, roles in TV and film and philanthropy work as an ACUVUE mentor.

Jonas discussed with USA Weekend what makes the new talent show unique, all things Jonas and how heís grown since his career began in 2005.

The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep:

The show is based around Gloria Estefan, myself, Nelly and John Rich and we go to different cities and find talent from our different genres.

How "The Next" is different from other TV talent shows:

The cool part about this show is that we really spend one-on-one time with each artist. Iíll literally knock on a door and say, ďHey listen. Iím here at your place Iím going to spend the next 72 hours with you, and weíre going to get prepared for the big show.Ē And if they have a chore or if they are working, we spend day-in and day-out with them to get them prepared for the big show. They donít even know whatís going to happen, and itís pretty exciting.

His first 72 hours mentoring a contestant:

I actually babysat with her. We babysat 15 kids and that was pretty crazy. I also got to hang with her family and that was pretty cool.

His dream mentor:

I definitely think Mick Jagger or somebody like that would have been cool to hang out with for a few days.

On debut album, Fastlife (2011)

Doing the solo album was a challenge. Thereís a lot of pressure to be able to make it great and I really had to focus in on just being able to give the time and effort it deserves. You wake up and itís all on you.

Jonas Brothers back in action:

Weíve been working on some really exciting stuff. Weíve been busy in the studio just creating and coming up with ideas and new sounds and really being able to push ourselves to create for our fans. Weíre definitely thinking about another album or a cool way to release the music (weíve been working on).

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Twitter question from @JoeMusculoso: Will the Jonas Brothers be sticking with their traditional pop music sound or taking departures from that genre?

Weíre definitely going to be trying to push ourselves to create new sounds. Weíve been away from making music together for the past two years, so itís been a while. So now that weíre back, we really want to come back strong and different.

Married to Jonas, the next Kardashians?

Kevin and Dani were presented the idea from E! and thought that could be a lot of fun. They did a pilot and they enjoyed it. Itís something you kind of have to get used to, cameras around, but after the first week they forgot that the cameras were there so it gets pretty funny for television.

Will this be a family affair?

When [Nick and I] are hanging out with Kevin and Dani we are definitely on camera. So weíre in it a little bit. But itís more focused on Kevin and Dani and their relationship and all the drama and craziness that can ensue.

The choice: acting vs. singing?

I really love acting. Iíve always wanted to be an actor, but music is kind of where my heart is. It just feels right and you can just make music from the heart, and thatís something that Iím very blessed to be able to do.

Dream acting role:

The bad guy in any TV show or movie. Itís cool to be able to challenge yourself and I think it would be a different thing for me.

His photo app of choice:

Instagram is really fun and itís just easy to use. Itís a cool way to tell stories rather than writing them out. I like the lo-fi filter. Thatís the one I use quite a bit.

The One Direction boy band craze:

Iím really happy for those guys. They really deserve it and theyíre doing a great thing. And itís cool to see all the fame that Iíve seen with me and my brothers. Itís funny feeling like the old man on the block, but itís cool.

Boy Band of the past he would like to join:

The Backstreet Boys are pretty awesome, so I would say AJ from the Backstreet Boys. He has quite a lot of tattoos, and I have zero tattoos and I think that would be cool for a day.

Twitter question from @itsperla: If younger Joe (2005) saw himself right now (2012), what would he say?

I hope heíd be happy. He wouldnít question if he was ever going to have facial hair: He would know.

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