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Presley will be in Memphis for the anniversary of her father's death. / Robert Hanashiro/USAT


Itís been a big year for the only child of Elvis Presley, who will take part in events in Memphis this week to mark the 35th anniversary of her fatherís death. Lisa Marie, 44, who moved to England in 2010, toured for her third album, Storm & Grace, which explores her Southern roots. Meanwhile, her special Graceland exhibit, Elvis: Through His Daughterís Eyes, a collection of her playthings and family mementos, is to be open for two years.

We asked this mother of four (ages 3 to 23) to share 10 things we never knew.

She feared dying at 42, as her dad did:

"I honestly was nervous. I quit smoking five years before, trying to kill the odds. My momís side of the family lives forever. But on my fatherís side, everyone had trouble and went earlier. I really didnít know where I was going to fall."

How she reconciles Elvis Week:

"I put on my responsible heiress hat and try not to think about anything else. I can separate it. I was trained to do that young."


"I love to color with coloring books with crayons. I find it therapeutic."

Her childhood after her parents divorced:

"In Memphis, my father let me run wild. Iíd be up all hours of the night and eat french fries and chocolate cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then Iíd go home to Beverly Hills to a very regimented mother and have a normal schedule. It was very confusing."

Best thing about motherhood:

"Everything. Itís the most gratifying thing Iíve ever done. But itís also so painful. Thereís so much love there that you just worry yourself to death."

Best thing about the South:

"Thereís more music heart and soul there than Iíve ever felt anywhere else. But everything is fried. Even a salad could be fried."

Best thing about living in rural England:

"Its simplicity. The sheep getting born. Getting snowed in."

Graceland is still home:

"I go three or four times a year and turn it back into a private residence. We have dinners and do things there still as a family."

Best secret talent:

"Mimicking foreign accents."

What she sees in a mirror:

"Flaws. I donít want to get shots of rat poison in my face, so Iím a little nervous. But, hey, if those smile lines get out of control...."

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