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Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray / Todd Pitt / USA Today


Rachael Ray suggests these tips for smooth Thanksgiving dinner preparations!

• Cook two turkeys, two small birds, instead of one large bird. You can sleep later. You can platter one up and carve the other whole by the time you go to the table. So there’s a pretty, whole turkey and a full platter of passed meat.

• Cook extra breasts or extra legs. If you know the guys really love legs, buy some extra smoked turkey legs and warm those up while you’re passing the first couple platters of meat.

• Always have chicken stock, stock in a box or turkey stock on hand. It fixes anything: If the meat’s too dry, you put it in a bath with the broth. [Use it] if you run out of gravy, if the vegetables get dry.

• Put your mashed potatoes [in a bowl] on top of a water bath and they’ll stay perfect and hot for hours.

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