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Baby boomers are reinventing themselves with later-in-life jobs that blend personal meaning and financial need. Whether you’re re-entering the job market after taking time off or rethinking your current career, Marci Alboher, author of The Encore Career Handbook, says these tips will help your search:

Find your passion. If you’re not sure what you want to do, try a little self-reflection. “Ask yourself questions,” Alboher suggests. “Are there any ways to take interests and marry them with making a living?” For the civic-minded, volunteering at a local hospital or animal shelter may lead to a job, says Jean Setzfand, vice president of financial security at AARP. “If you know that there’s something that really pulls at your heartstrings, think about ways that you could turn that from a volunteer opportunity into a paid position.”

Go online. In our technology-driven world, social media are more important to the job hunt than ever, Alboher says. Many career networking websites cater to the post-50 crowd, including Work Reimagined, a free networking site offered by AARP, and LinkedIn, which helps connect employers with experienced workers.

Be choosy. While looking for a job, consider employers that value older professionals, Setzfand says. The AARP Best Employers program annually recognizes organizations that invest in recruiting and retaining experienced workers. Health care providers and educational institutions were the most prevalent employers on this year’s list.

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