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Career success depends on taking responsibility for yourself.
Career success depends on taking responsibility for yourself. / Stockbyte / Getty Images

A college degree isnít enough to get you a job these days, says Bill Coplin, author of 10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in College. ďEmployers are looking for people who have proven that they have the skills,Ē he says. ďYou canít prove that by taking courses.Ē Here, the Syracuse University professor shares the three most important skills to land a job.

Work well with others. Strong social skills are an asset in the workplace, but donít wait until youíve landed the job to demonstrate this, Coplin advises. ďYou have to make the interviewer feel youíre on their side, and then once youíve got the job, be a good team player. ... Employers donít want troublemakers.Ē

Know your numbers. Data is important in every field, says Coplin. ďA lot of students would say, ĎIím going to be an artist, so why do I have to know numbers?í But in most jobs, youíre going to end up using Excel at one point or another.Ē Understanding statistics can make a difference.Ē

Be responsible for yourself. Only those with strong motivation and time management skills will get ahead. ďTaking responsibility is the most important, because if a student isnít going to say, ĎIím here to learn and help my future,í then nothing else is going to work.Ē

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