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Reba McEntire
Malibu Country stars country music superstar Reba McEntire as Reba. / Edward Herrera / ABC

Yes, Reba can think of plenty of music she’d like to have along if stranded on a desert island. But here’s what she’d really want there: a shopping mall or Ritz-Carlton. “Then I’d be totally taken care of,” jokes the Grammy winner and star of ABC’s Malibu Country (Fridays, 8:30 ET/PT). Reba, 57, wouldn’t listen only to music: “We go to the beach an awful lot. I love to sit there and listen to the waves. I just like silence; the older I get the more I like it.”

Here are Reba’s top 15 picks:

1. Kelly Clarkson, Stronger. It’s “an anthem for everyone ... [and] would give you encouragement that you’re going to maybe get picked off that island one of these days.” Until the rescue, the CD’s energy would motivate Reba to “run around the island.”

2. Don Henley, The End of the Innocence album. “They’re great songs: They’re up; they’re down; they’re nostalgic; they’re a little sinister, for all moods.”

3. Randy Houser, Boots On album. “It’s spiritual, it’s country, it’s cheating songs, it’s they-left-me songs.”

4 and 5. Steven Perry, Street Talk, and Steve Wariner, The Weekend. Reba says she and her husband, Narvel Blackstock, fell in love over these songs.

6. Michael Bolton, How Am I Supposed to Live Without You? “That’s perfect for a desert island: ‘You’re not there with me.’”

7. The Doobie Brothers, Black Water. “I have to go back to my college days. ... My roommates and I were on the rodeo team and we would ride our horses and have the Doobies blasting on the 8-track tapes.”

8. Stevie Wonder, Superstition. “That was my high school favorite song my senior year.”

9. Patsy Cline, Greatest Hits. “In the sixth grade ... [I’d] listen to Patsy Cline for hours.”

10. Blake Shelton, Loaded: The Best of Blake Shelton. “My favorite is ’Ol Red, a cheating song.”

11. Brooks & Dunn, Boot Scootin’ and Boogie. “You could dance all night on that.”

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12. Trisha Yearwood, How Do I Live? “It would be very nostalgic and she’s one of my favorite singers.”

13. Rosetta Stone Spanish. “For the last five years, my New Year’s Resolution has been to learn how to speak Spanish. I’m still trying but I’m not where I should be by any stretch of the imagination.

14. Aretha Franklin, You’re All I Need to Get By. “I was introduced to that song when we were doing the Reba TV show by Melissa Peterman. She is an avid fan of music and she’s all the time making me CDS and saying here, ‘You got to listen to this song and you got to listen to this song,’ and just turns me on to so many great new songs that I hadn’t listened to."

15. Dolly Parton, 9 to 5 (soundtrack). “Of course, I can’t leave that out because of the movie and now I’m working with Lily Tomlin [she plays McEntire’s mom on her new sitcom]. She’s got a song on there called Deportee and it is absolutely wonderful. Forever, my favorite album was Dolly Parton’s very first [full length] album: Hello, I'm Dolly. It had so many great story songs on it.”

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