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Cougar Town
Busy Philipps / James White / TBS
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Could Busy Philipps be the 'Cougar Town' cougar?: Fans of ABC's 'Cougar Town' have likely noticed the chemistry between actors Busy Philipps and Dan Byrd. Philipps talks about a possible romance between the two and what's really in those glasses of red wine we see on the show. (Dec. 8)


Editor's Note: A previous version of this article had an error: Philipps was misspelled.

Busy Philipps returns to TV Tuesday as the single, cocktail-loving best friend of Courteney Cox on Cougar Town (10 ET/PT, TBS). In real life, this married mom (who is pregnant again) enjoys baking for daughter Birdie, 4. She chats about her sweet life.

Second banana: “Before my daughter was born, I used to say ‘I want to be the lead in the movie.’ Now I say ‘I want to be the best friend.’ I want to make it to gymnastics Tuesday and Thursday.”

Secret talent: “I make these intricate 3-D sculptural cakes. ... For [Birdie’s] third birthday, she had a 3½-foot-tall Rapunzel tower cake. It was pretty incredible. It used to be my secret talent but the secret got out with Twitter.”

How to be a slim baker: “Chew gum while you’re baking so you don’t taste.”

Guilty pleasure: “I do love to eat cookie dough.”

Husband’s secret talent: “My husband is an amazing chef. If you ask our daughter she’ll say, ‘Momma can only really cook breakfast and cakes.’”

TV habit: “I do love cuddling in bed way too early and watching House Hunters International [HGTV].... I love thinking about buying a second home in Belize, or some crazy location, like the south of France. I also love seeing what’s important to people and the way they live [and] how people in other countries live.”

Mom/daughter activity: Disneyland visits. Birdie “is at that age where it’s real to her. It’s magical.” Philipps once worked the toy circuit as a real-life Barbie.

Must-have in your fridge: “Since having a kid, it’s milk. Also weirdly hummus and cucumbers, very Mediterranean in our house; and we have to have Tortilla Land Uncooked Flour tortillas,” says the native of Oak Park, Illinois who was raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. “They make the best breakfast burritos.”

Gadget girl, not: “[The] iPad saves my life for traveling: you can have your TV shows, movies, books on one little device. The buck stops there for me.”

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Fast Food runs: “We have a couple of rules: If you need fast-food burgers, it’s only In-N-Out in my house. Fast food Mexican, we’re kind of a little bit lax: Chipotle; Baja Fresh; we do it all. Birdie loves El Pollo Loco.”

Reading to Birdie: Little House on the Prairie. “I was totally sobbing at the end of the second chapter when I thought the dog had died. ... But the dog comes back — don’t worry.”

Grown-up reading: “I just read, Where’d You Go, Bernadette? [Maria Semple] and now I’ve been reading some parenting books — Between Parent and A Child [Dr. Haim Ginott.] I try to get information on what I can do better, how I can improve.”

Favorite reality shows:Top Chef and Top Chef Masters because I love seeing the people who are at the top of their game and to get to know some of these famous chefs’ personality is really cool especially if you are into food and restaurants; Project Runway; The Amazing Race. My husband and I have an ongoing debate about whether we would win or kill each other. I think we would win.”

Crafty girl: “You’re going to make fun of me. I have a crafting room. I like doing felt projects. For Birdie’s birthday this year, I sewed little felt crowns for all the kids coming, and then they could decorate it with glitter, sequins and glitter glue to be their own beautiful, sparkly crown. We make our own snow globes using jam jars. Hot-glue a plastic animal onto ’em, add glycerin and water. It’s so easy and fun.”

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