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Logitech Harmony Touch Remote Control
Logitech Harmony Touch Remote Control / Logitech

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week offered up an abundance of new tech toys for the family gearhead. This one though is available now and could be on a sofa near you.

Looking for a gadget to help you manage all your other entertainment gadgets? Enter the Logitech Harmony Touch remote. Compatible with more than 225,000 home-entertainment devices and featuring a touchscreen with iPhone-like gestures and organization, the Logitech can control up to 15 devices. You can set shortcuts so that one button can automatically turn on and properly configure all your hardware.

The remote is streamlined, with few buttons to overwhelm the user and an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in the hand. It also has a charging cradle, which means fewer batteries used and (ideally) less time looking for the remote.

Still, Logitech doesn't score a home run. It can be perplexing when you stumble upon unfamiliar menus and prompts. The setup is done by installing and configuring software on the computer, not the remote itself. Not to mention, at $250, itís a steep cost for a TV accessory. For that kind of money, you expect this thing to intuitively know when and what to watch and act accordingly.

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