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Guy Fieri - Restaurateur, author, television personality, and game show host. / Brad Trent


I love football. As a kid I wanted to be a rock star, a football player or a chef.

I grew up in California and was an Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers fan, because when you live in Northern California, those were your teams. But as a kid, I was also amazed by Houston Oilers player Earl Campbell. He was this young, superstar running back who had these humongous thighs and would just plow over people.

We had Campbell as a guest on Triple D (Diners, Drive-ins & Dives). I think it was the closest anybody has seen me to losing it. We just sat there and talked and I asked him everything.

My first live Super Bowl was the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals in 2009. Now, Iím all about the live game. I will probably go to the Super Bowl until I die. There is so much energy and enthusiasm around it.

Before then, everybody used to come to my house for the Super Bowl because I used to throw these elaborate food events. When I started going to the Super Bowl, everyone was like Ďyouíre ditching us?!í Now all my buddies want to go with me to the game.

But I do miss the experience of the Super Bowl party food. My ultimate goal would be to have a Super Bowl party in a stadium suite ó and for me to cook the food.

When it comes to Super Bowl party food, people like to eat with their hands. Itís festive. Itís not sitting down to full meal. Instead itís eating a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Ribs are really easy to prepare if you just follow the simple basics. And you can add so many different flavors to them. You can put a general rub on them, cook them up, and have different sauces such as a sweet barbecue, a spicy chipotle barbeque, honey mustard or an Asian firecracker sauce. I like the tanginess that comes with a root beer sauce too. Itís that sweet, sticky idea.

Ribs carry a lot of moisture and flavor, and you can hold them warm in a chafing dish. They are very universal, and if you donít like a lot of sauce, you can go dry.

Also for party food, I donít have any problems with chips and dip. But letís just put some work into it. Donít just open a can. Thatís why I suggested the queso fundido recipe.

For this yearís Super Bowl, Iím heading to New Orleans a week before the game to shoot Triple D there first. Iíll spend some time with Emeril (Lagasse) and probably do a fundraising event with him.

Iíll go to some of my favorite food joints and eat at Emerilís restaurant for sure. New Orleans is one of my favorite food towns ó there is such soulful experience about it.

Laura Petrecca, USA TODAY New York Deputy Bureau Chief, is a business and breaking news reporter who enjoys the Super Bowl commercials more than the game.

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