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Cyndi Lauper is still having fun: She has a Broadway musical, a TV show, and a memoir.
Cyndi Lauper is still having fun: She has a Broadway musical, a TV show, and a memoir. / AMC


It has been 28 years since Cyndi Lauper won her first Grammy. Today, the Girls Just Want to Have Fun icon is busy with a self-titled memoir, a reality show (WE tv’s Cyndi Lauper: Still So Unusual) and a Broadway musical (Kinky Boots, previews next weekend). We chatted about what’s up:

Still So Unusual, the TV show: “I wanted to bring attention to some of the things I was doing and I tried to have a life in between. I love TV. Reality TV, it’s a new genre so I wanted to learn about it.”

Cyndi’s reality: “The struggle of the juggle like everybody else has. In the end, although maybe I’m doing a lot of things at once, there’s the basic common thing that makes us all the same and that is the humanity of it. The fact that every woman struggles with trying to do all of it, even men have a struggle trying to do it.”

Parenting tip: “The teenage years: you got to be around, that’s the most important time to them.” She and husband David Thornton have a son Declyn, 14. “You think, ‘He’s a teenager, he can take care of himself,’ but that’s when they really need you: the minute they think they know everything...”

Must read: Parenting books. “Well my husband actually reads them, I skim through them. Louise Bates Ames, those are great: Your Two-Year-Old [Terrible or Tender], Your Three-Year-Old: Friend or Enemy; Kind of scary reading that stuff but it’s helpful. Your kids going to be an individual but they give you guidelines of what they go through.”

Marriage secrets from a Beatle’s wife: “I was watching a story on George Harrison not too long ago and I was listening to his wife being interviewed and she said ‘The secret to a long marriage is that you stay married.’ There are a lot of ups and downs so you got to take the good with the bad. My husband [of 22 years] is my best friend and yeah, sometimes I get mad at my best friend... I’m very fortunate to have found, I always wanted to have a real life, so I still do try and make time for my family.”

Forever young: For some people, “because I was so much a part of their youth, I’m a permanent ... youth. That’s an interesting position to be in.”

Hidden talents: “I can make spaghetti sauce. It’s just same thing my grandmother [from Italy] told me to do. ‘Always just do the foundation, foundation for meat, foundation for non meat.’”

Guilty pleasures: “I watch a lot of TV, comedies, reality TV, and also old movies. Big Ang [VH-1], I love Joan Rivers [Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?], so funny; Toni Braxton [Braxton Family Values]. Of course, I watched what was on WE because that’s where I was going. I like those shows. I like Joan a lot I don’t care what Joan is in, I watch. I’m such a huge fan of hers, I think she’s awesome as a woman and she’s funny as hell, very quick witted.”

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