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Showtime Celebrates 8 Seasons Of Dexter - Arrivals
Dexter actress Jennifer Carpenter has some killer moves. / Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
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"Dexter" Cast at Series Finale Premiere: "Dexter" stars Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Julie Benz and more stroll down memory lane at the season eight premiere.


Jennifer Carpenter has some secret talents. “I can lip-sync and dance in front of the mirror like nobody’s business,” she says. That makes sense, given that her showbiz aspirations began at just 8 years old after performing in A Christmas Carol. Even when the Dexter actress was waiting tables to earn a living, she was acting. “I felt like I was playing a waitress, not being one. Every night I got to play a part. You learn how to read people, what they need you to be ... like the audition room.”

And though she has heard the rumors that her Dexter character, Deb, will get her own spin-off (this season of the Showtime series is its last), she says she hasn’t been approached. “I’m not closing any options. ... I love TV. It’s extraordinary to build a character from the top of the head to the toenails.”

In the meantime, she’ll spend the summer in Utah filming Bone Tomahawk, a Western with Kurt Russell and Peter Sarsgaard. “It’s perfect place to cleanse, to reconnect as I try to play someone else.”

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