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Online wine clubs help you select, buy and learn about wines.
Online wine clubs help you select, buy and learn about wines. / JGI/Jamie Grill / Getty Images/Blend Images

Netflix tells us which movies we’re going to like; Pandora tells us which tunes. And now Club W is showing us what we want to drink.

Analyzing wine by varietal factors or alcohol percentage is a “poor indicator of how someone is going to like it,” says Club W co-founder Xander Oxman. What’s more important? Taste. “If I like something and Jeff likes a high percentage of what I like, then when I find a new bottle, chances are he’s going to want it, too.”

Club W is just one of many wine clubs popping up online, each offering its own model for selecting, buying and learning about wines. Here are a few: A service based on a “palate profile” that when plugged into an algorithm predicts other bottles the consumer will like. Each wine comes with a video documenting the story of the vintage for a more restaurant-like experience. Founded in the U.K., this site takes the money from members and invests it in the winemakers themselves, so wines can be sold to consumers at a discount. Master sommeliers choose vintages from top vineyards across the globe. The site also offers online seminars, with real-time Q&As and tastings. Wines are sourced directly from the winery, with no middlemen. The guiding philosophy, as explained on the site: If we wouldn't spend our own money on it, we don't offer it to you.

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