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The best date is tomorrow's date, the one you're anticipating.
The best date is tomorrow's date, the one you're anticipating. / Getty Images, Culture/yellowdog


"Change up your game: Get a new wardrobe, get your hair done, buy a new lipstick that makes you feel good about yourself."

"If a date doesn't pan out, say: 'I think you're a great catch, but do you have a friend that you think might be right for me? Maybe I can fix you up with one of my friends.' You have to network. It's better to ask."

"Watch romantic movies that inspire you - Annie Hall, An Officer and a Gentleman. I love Hope Springs with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones."

"Say what you want - whether it's to get married, hook up or have a serious relationship."

"Always look your best, even if you're going to the gas station."

"Google him (or her)."

"Smile. Your calling card is your smile. If you don't see a ring on, flash those pearly whites."

"You want to smell good. If you can't afford a good cologne, put vanilla behind your ears. I've also use pumpkin pie spice."

"Date down. I didn't think David would be into into when he found out my age, but he likes older women."

Krause (Stanger's boyfriend) adds: "Make a good first impression. Say and act like the person you are. Get two good, close-up photos of yourself in a black sexy dress and jeans and a t-shirt. Put the phone away and make yourself approachable."


"Don't rely on friends. Go on Internet sites and put down your interests. I've done and My friend told me Plenty of Fish has the cutest boys."

"Never talk about old relationships or your widowhood or the process of dating. That neutralizes the situation and you end up just becoming friends. It doesn't make the other person feel special."

"Don't wait for Moses to return from the mountain. People are everywhere. If you smile at 10 people a week who aren't wearing a ring, at least two of them will ask you out."

"Don't drink more than two drinks. You don't want to be sloppy."

"Don't analyze and obsess and live in the past. Forget the past. Happy, open women get happy men."

"Don't be closing doors if they don't have everything on your wish list."

Krause adds, "Don't settle. When you live in a city, dating websites are insatiable. You can keep dating. You only need to find one right person."

Summing up, Stanger says, "A lot of people over 50 think it's 'Game Over.' It's not. Don't get discouraged. If you open up the papers, you see many people getting married, often for the second or third time. It can happen. Gloria Steinem didn't get married until she was in her 60s.

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